Is Your Money Going Where it Should Be?


Have you ever made it halfway to your next payday and find yourself stuck trying to figure out where in the world your check went?  I have been there, done that!  It is definitely not a good feeling.  Even though, arguably, it does gives you some great skills of turning $50 into gas and food for a whole week.  It can become so easy to celebrate these small victories of skimming by, but there is a solution to help put your finances into better perspective.   As simple as it sounds, you can adapt the habit of setting up a budget.  

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How to Have a Savings Account That Grows

Oh my gosh, take me back to 20 years old and I can show you how to have a fortune.  I have literally spent 10s of thousands of dollars and have very little to show for it.  Why??  Because I was young wild and free, of course.  

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