Easily Build Your Credit Score with Credit Cards

Credit cards are an excellent way to build up your credit.  It gives you an opportunity to prove to creditors that you will pay them back.  To put everything into perspective, people will be more likely to loan their money to a friend who always pays them back when they agreed to.  That is the basic principle behind your credit and what creditors are looking for.  Are you trustworthy and likely to repay?  Most credit cards start you out with small credit card limits until you establish your track record.  There are two key factors of managing your credit cards that help you build up your credit score the most.

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Is Your Money Going Where it Should Be?


Have you ever made it halfway to your next payday and find yourself stuck trying to figure out where in the world your check went?  I have been there, done that!  It is definitely not a good feeling.  Even though, arguably, it does gives you some great skills of turning $50 into gas and food for a whole week.  It can become so easy to celebrate these small victories of skimming by, but there is a solution to help put your finances into better perspective.   As simple as it sounds, you can adapt the habit of setting up a budget.  

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Open Letter for My Day 1s

So who in the world am I , and why am I even here? I feel like those are legitimate questions for my very first post so I will happily introduce myself as it relates to this blog and its beginning.

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